Let's Make an awesome vegan website!

I help vegan business owners create a high-quality website, that saves them time and makes them money, by attracting more customers.

I help vegan business owners create a high-quality website, that saves them time and makes them money, by attracting more customers.

Let's Make
an awesome vegan website!

I help vegan business owners create a high-quality website, that saves them time and makes them money, by attracting more customers.

Hey There!

In 2021, it’s more important than ever to have a website that helps your business grow. After all, a website is a business tool and an investment, so it should save you time and make you more money!

I work with clients that are either starting a new business, or clients that have an existing business and need to pivot, improve systems, refresh their online presence and attract their target audience.

Your Website

Messy content and poor functionality will drive customers (and Google) away. So let’s make a grand entrance and delight your customers with a beautiful and functional website!

Logo & Design

Cookie-cutter logos and design templates are a fantastic cheap and easy option, but is that the right message for your brand? Remember, first impressions count!

Web Development

This is the process of making your dream website a reality! It’s a blend of technical systems such as email capture, plugins, responsiveness, and aesthetic elements.

Products & Services

No matter what you sell, you’re going to need a method of collecting payment and delivering your products/services to your customers.

The Magic Stuff

This is where we leverage technology to do most of the heavy lifting for you 24/7, so you can focus on what matters most in your business.


New subscribers are excited to learn more about your business! With an automated series of well-crafted emails, you can engage, add value, and build trust.

Sales Funnels

This is the journey your prospects will take to becoming a customer. This step-by-step process is essential for cultivating mutual trust with and making sales.

Facebook Ads

This is where we ratchet up the business and turn it into a well-oiled machine, sending you traffic on demand, giving you a constant stream of new customers!

Other Services

There are many elements to creating a successful website, including:

Market Research

Who are you talking to? What keeps them awake at night? What words do they use to describe their problem? What are their hopes, desires, and fears?


Will you stand out in the marketplace, or are you blending into the noisy marketplace and losing customers?


It’s easy to gloss over, but the truth is, copywriting can make or break a business. Your visitors are busy, if you don't engage them fast, then you will lose them.

Let's Talk!

No pressure or sales pitch…
Just two vegans having a chat about business.

What People say...

Melissa. M

Rich picked up on the goals and vision for the site without much guidance. The content I provided was plugged in perfectly. The design made the content easily accessible and more interesting.

The benefits for me is to having a simple yet beautiful website to be able to collect emails and direct people to to learn more about our main program.

I loved the whole process, Rich was easy to work with and delivered what I didn’t even know I wanted. I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking for web development or creative design work.

Not being a very savvy tech person, it was a blessing to have him. I have been impressed with all of the work he has produced, not only for myself but for my husband through other websites and commercial work.

To me, Rich is an artist that is able to morph that art into technology.

Scott. A

Our website was dated, lacked a sense of professionalism and without originality.

Rich was able to deliver a high quality website to help give our guests a true vision of our services through a beautiful, clean and effective website.

A tool which has already paid off in a short amount of time!

We are very grateful to Rich and his staff for the wonderful work and dedication they put forth on this project, they ticked all the boxes and met our detailed requirements beyond what we expected.

They were extremely professional and dedicated to the task at hand and I look forward to working together again on future projects.

Keep up the great work guys.

Gary. W

We hired Rich to photograph our rental properties, so that he could build a website to showcase our rooms.

We’re extremely pleased with Rich’s work – he is a professional with an uncanny eye for detail.

With his work we received 5 inquiries and bookings within the first week the website was operational!

Rich is a rare find.

Great to work with, listens, views, and creates….

Thanks Rich, we are big fans.

Rich Circle Profile

About Rich

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

I appreciate your time, so I’ll keep this brief…

My background is in art and design. Over the past decade, I have worked in photography, web development, and graphic design.

I have also set up and launched multiple businesses, including in resort/hospitality, real estate/rentals, leisure/tourism, and health/fitness – though most before I was vegan (4 years ago).

These days I run my own vegan self-development business but recognize that I can have a bigger impact by helping other vegan businesses.

I’m currently looking for passionate vegans who are serious about investing in their future, by starting and/or growing their own vegan business!

Let's Talk!

From your mindset and clarity, to your business strategy and web development – my mission is to meet you where you’re at and take your business to the next level.

If you like what you’ve seen so far, then let’s jump on a call (or email) and see if we might be a good fit to work together – no pressure!

If it looks like we might be a good fit, then I can offer bespoke services and done-for-you packages depending on your needs.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Talk soon,

PS – Before you go, let me be honest…

You don’t have to work with a vegan to build a vegan business… there are a million options out there!

However, you should know that non-vegans are unlikely to genuinely see your business point of view, or worse, not deeply understand the needs of your audience.

This understanding and mutual trust is the foundation of all businesses, and without it, everything from communication to decision-making will be harder!

This is not to scare you, only to make you aware 🙂


PPS – I’m not an agency!

That means if we work together, you will have my undivided attention.

You won’t be a number in the system, you’ll be someone I care about…

You won’t have multiple points of contact, just one that matters…

And you won’t have to repeat yourself to different people…

You’ll be working with me, and only me!


Let's Talk!

Send a message or email and I'll be in touch shortly!